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 skiller420's new and improved mod app!

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PostSubject: skiller420's new and improved mod app!   Sun Jul 25, 2010 11:15 am

1.In-game User: Skiller420

2.Whats your name in real?: Curtis

3.Where do you live?: Canada

4.What is your timezone?: Eastern Canada

5.How Long Have You Been Playing?: Since today but i know enough stuff to help people if they ask

6.Am I Trustworthy?: Yes

7.How Long Are You Active?: Atleast 4-5 hours a day I will be playing

8.What Would You Do?: Help out players that need help, also i will be training with people and jsut having a good time, isnt that the point of a server? Razz

9.What Kind Of Person Are You In-Game?: Im a very nice person in-game and irl

10.Why Do You Want To Be in Extinction-X staff?: I love helping out players that need help

11.What kind of experience do you have?: Well, I have been mod on over 10 servers, admin on about 8 servers, co-owner- on about 5 servers and I owned about 2-3 servers but I decided to close them down cause I like playing other people's servers more Razz

12.Why should we choose you? At least two Sentences?: I think you should choose me to be mod in-game because I WILL help others, I love playing servers and I have lots of experience with servers. That's why I believe I should become in-game mod

13.How would you benefit the server?: Explain. Two Sentence Minimum: I would benefit the server because, I am very helpful, I know somewhat how to code, I Have lots of good idea's to help the server.

14.Some additional info about yourself?: I am 19 and I love listening to music like Eminem. I will be moving soon, but once I do move, I will be on alot more!

15.State your favorite rule and why?: I think the "no racism" rule is my favourite because racism is a serious matter, it can be very offencive to people and that might make them quit the server, or something else

16.Be honest on this question please do you vote on moparscape?: I vote on runelocus I think that's what it's called, but I will vote for this server if there is a link or something
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skiller420's new and improved mod app!
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