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 mr summon

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mr summon

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Join date : 2010-07-26

PostSubject: mr summon   Mon Jul 26, 2010 5:19 am

1) my name with in the game is mr summon 2) my real name in real life is shaun! 3) i live in england 4) my timezone is is GMT 5) i have not been playing long but i have had experince on alot of other servers of being mods,admins and a co-owner at one stage Smile 6) turthly i am trustworthy i cant lie very well at all i am all honest and freindly to players 7) i am active 5-10hours a day Cool i like to do skills alot more than melee 9) i am a friendly skiller allways helpful to people (i have just starting playing this game but i have experince) 10) i want to be in Extinction-X staff to help it grow and to get alot more people to come and play and help you guys get a tittle 11) the kind of experince i have had has been being a mod and admin but my most impressive one is being a co-owner Smile 12) i think you should choose me because im freindly towards player always on im fair i will do my best to help new player and old i will get more people involed in the games and make this game have a title that people will look at and go WOW
13) i would benefit the server by making it a nice friendly game that lots of people will in joy and also to make the game stand out from the rest Smile 14) i am 13 6'ft i play real runescape alot i have been on priavte servers for 2years now ( have alot of experince) all ways on 5-10hours if not i am at school/busy :/ im a nice and friendly GUY! so yeah a boy :L and im frim but fair so say someone said something to another player i will talk to that player get both sides of the story have a think and make my conclusion 15) my favorite rule would have to be respect all members of staff because it would make "there" job more fun to them when everyone is being nice insted of getting on there case all the time 16) ok i am being honset and sometimes i vote on moparscape that is if the server has impressed me alot

so thank you for reading this i hope i get mod Smile i will now contuine to play the game

have a good day/night now Very Happy
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Divine Chaos

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PostSubject: Re: mr summon   Mon Jul 26, 2010 5:59 pm

Sorry u have not been accepted try agian next time!

|-|0st3R |-0R Extinction-X
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mr summon
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